Sauté [Antifa Fútbol Hooligans]


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No racism in sport please! And clean sport too! ANTIFA ole!


Qui saute pas n'est pas Asku
Here we come to your town, we're gonna move that pit around

50000 in your name, living your colors everyday
Antifa hooligan, it's Sunday, this is our day

Raise you flags up high and hard
On the pitch we're 11, together we're the heart
Antifa hooligans, it's Sunday, this is our day

Sempre con voi, we're always by your side
There's no one left to tell, these emotions don't hide

Busting out of the bars with our flags and our scarves
To the stadium, you'll hear us singing:

Ole! no fifa way, this is our day Antifa hooligan Ole!


released June 1, 2014
This single is off Askultura's June 2014 album I.N.F.E.R.N.O.

Askultura is:
And Chisena: vocals/guitars/gong/samba whistle/roto tom
Captain: washboard/back vocal
El Lucahdor: guitar/back vocal
Alan 'Gribbs' Gribbs: trombone/back vocal
Alexander Coombs: trumpet
Jorge Garcia: keyboard/back vocal/guitar on track 6
Matty B: bass/back vocal
Dinson 'DC' Caldwell: drums
Luis "Chinongo" Palacios: congas

Recorded & mastered by Frank 'Rat Bastard' Falestra at Dan Hosker Studio on Miami Beach, FL April/May '14
Mixed by And Chisena & Rat Bastard at Dan Hosker Studio, Miami
Produced by Chisena
Executive Producer is Dave Daniels of Churchill's Pub

Single art by And Chisena

lyrics & bullshit detection online at WWW.ASKULTURA.COM
@askultura #askultura
booking & love letters:

2014 CHIMION MUSICA (ASCAP), all rights reserved
Words by Chisena
Music by Bernard/Askultura

Askultura is D.I.Y., unsigned, and hard-touring.
La Sangre!



all rights reserved