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    This is the International Network of Freaks, Entertainers, & Revolutionaries Neutralizing Oppression.

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Visit our website store for cheaper prices, bundle savings & FREE SHIPPING on every order www.askultura.com/shop

Released on June 12, 2014. 9 musicians known for their wild performances. A football (soccer for some) anthem, a ska track for immigrant skins, a thundering interpretation of Aesop's Icarus tale, a blues song about whooping ass, and a full-band version of an old crowd-favorite.

This is the International Network of Freaks, Entertainers, & Revolutionaries Neutralizing Oppression


released June 12, 2014

Askultura is:
And Chisena: vocals/guitars/gong/samba whistle/roto tom
Captain: washboard/back vocal
El Lucahdor: guitar/back vocal
Alan 'Gribbs' Gribbs: trombone/back vocal
Alexander Coombs: trumpet
Jorge Garcia: keyboard/back vocal/guitar on track 6
Matty B: bass/back vocal
Dinson 'DC' Caldwell: drums
Luis "Chinongo" Palacios: congas

Track 7 clandestine phone recording on Dr.J's driveway in Orlando, feat. Chino vocals & Jorge blues guitar
Angel Cerdeiras of Sacred Sounds ha tocado congas tracks 2,4,6

Recorded & mastered by Frank 'Rat Bastard' Falestra at Dan Hosker Studio on Miami Beach, FL April/May '14
Mixed by And Chisena & Rat Bastard at Dan Hosker Studio, Miami
Produced by Chisena
Executive Producer is Dave Daniels of Churchill's Pub

Art & layout by Raul Ospina (Rauljo Photography)
Inside jacket photo Nick Morales Photography

lyrics & bullshit detection online at WWW.ASKULTURA.COM
@askultura #askultura facebook.com/askuAskultura
booking & love letters: booking@askultura.com

2014 CHIMION MUSICA (ASCAP), all rights reserved
All words by Chisena
All music by Chisena / Askultura; tracks 3 & 5 music by Bernard / Askultura

Askultura is D.I.Y., unsigned, and hard-touring.
La Sangre Tour!

Manufactured deep inside occupied Tequesta Territory, aka USA

Thank you: Dave Daniels, Rat Bastard, Cesar & The Shirt Series, Angel Cerdeiras, Zak 'The Hungarian' Storrs, Rusty Knife Records (FR), King Django, Jeff 'Dr.J' Richey, Cervelli Stanki (IT), Idle Hands (Miami), le Famiglie, Taisen Deshimaru, Andres Montes, Dave Chappelle, all of you who understand how true hearts fly and why rank farts die, anyone who: sailing in high seas/partied with us/experienced a ruined bathroom/shared a meal. WE ARE ALL I.N.F.E.R.N.O.

Released June 12, 2014 (World Cup 2014). punk & practice. SET YOUR SAILS!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Zendopunx
the money's all gone
the last strings are all popped
bar is closing and blood is flowing
we're headed home

to the pillows to sit
in compliance with the Prajna Paramita
1,2,3,4 stare down the wall
and the demons come a-callin

duros, menudos? not one! not the other!
form or function? to see difference is dysfunction
peace or war? it's all the same, do not disturb
sickness, old age, death & regeneration
welcome to this liberation station!

Off to the races, there've been a few
The Middle Path is where you'll find best foothold
We're all good, not one of us is bad
So grab a bread, let's raise a toast

To the most supreme! To the most engaged!
To the greatest and brightest of them all:
Gate! Gate! Paragate! Parasamgate! Bodhi! Svaha!
Track Name: Icarus Ate The Sun
so the lie was put upon us of a man who flew too close to the sun
now we're left with this impression that great adventure and unmistakeable mission
leaves you dead, floating in the sea, more or less, like you and me
without risk, no total loss, nothing spectauclar will come of us

set your sails in the high seas, let the lowly sail the summer breeze
seek out danger and the mountain yet climbed, your limits are yet defined

i will not be stopped, i will not give up

icario yes you made it through
diario tell us what you knew
mamma sing this song with me
il figlio he is free!
Track Name: Sauté [Antifa Fútbol Hooligans]
Qui saute pas n'est pas Asku
Here we come to your town, we're gonna move that pit around

50000 in your name, living your colors everyday
Antifa hooligan, it's Sunday, this is our day

raise you flags up high and hard
on the pitch we're 11, together we're the heart
antifa hooligans, it's Sunday, this is our day

sempre con voi, we're always by your side
there's no one left to tell, these emotions don't hide

bustin out of the bars with our flags and our scarves
to the stadium, you'll hear us singin:

Ole! no fifa way, this is our day Antifa hooligan Ole!
Track Name: Commit (T)reason
We sit here lookin to the heart of our problem
You don't gotta go much beyond ourselves
The punk rockers & the moonstompers want to blame the coppers & the banks
The armies, the church, and the atom bomb
What you done my brother to create another paradigm for sister to live in?
Sister the kids you havin, it's your world that they'll grow up in

I know that nothin thats been done before is gonna help us
no political demonstrations, or re-arranging of nations
only thing that's true is it's all riding on you

Safe to say we've had enough of all the -isms
And the scientists who claim they got the answers
will a world of worker-controlled factories mean more tv's?
so more hacks with more controlling interests can fill us with more lies for free
and the cops will have their own shows on channel 3,000,003
go ahead and keep voting, the white house is gonna fix the economy

god knows I want to believe in this god
that the priests and inmams are talking about
but i got this itchy feeling that they made an industry out of faith
and peoples desire to know what's next
and as long as you look to others for the answers you'll be trapped
and as long as you commit no (t)reason we'll stay kidnapped

It's on you like…
Track Name: Inmigrante Rudeboi
I want to go to america
Want to see the usa
maybe meet me skinhead girl
she'll give me papers if i pay

they say they got open arms
all i got was arm barred
it's no joke about melting pot
now i sit on my ass to melt & rot

in search for empire i've learned about desire
i sing flat when i preach it to the choir
i been here nine months with no bling
i'm like Strummer below that truncheon thing

a black president, so advanced
their priests put their hands in little boys pants
in america there's no fear of 2012
"we bomb em all and sing em down to hell"

we took a walk up to Kentucky
they love skinheads so they really loved me
but when they started in with the "sig heil"
i put a boot up their ass with a crooked smile

had to educate the kids on S.H.A.R.P. & RASH
rolled a cig with leftover euro hash
we talked about race & anarchy
now there's no more confusion when they look at me

so god bless the usa
gotta say it or they'll send me away
no guantanamo bay
that one-star service just doesn't suit me
Track Name: Legalies It [Not Just Another Legalize It Song]
I may not smoke da weed, no chronic for me, i had to cut it out, I would act & I would shout
but i gotta say, never bother me to see big spliff on someones lip

what's the harm if they want to roll a blunt, drink some beers get all crunk
should you pack it in a bong it never rubbed me wrong
this is not just another legalize it song

you know it was legal till they realized that ganja n shrooms can open your eyes
to the lies! to the lies! of the state of society! of wall street!

And if you trip hard enough or a smoke a pound to head you might call out for the governments death
who needs politician to make the law, to make things illegal, put you behind bars?

this is not a physical world, these are energetic things, and those little green nuggets n caps of psyilocybin
can slap you from the comfort of a police state & introduce ideas that are much more great

like anarchy or the way of the tribes, how to start a clan, what it means to be a man
read some Daniel Quinn after toking you might find yourself saying "fuck this im leaving!"

seriously what's the big deal? it's just a bunch of plants, have you ever seen a stoner get violent?
no! actually he was mumbling all about love, all Smokey could talk about was love

this ain't no endorsement, more like "take a look at government"
and how they control what you do, especially if those things will liberate you

so what's next on the list of illegal things? clean water?! meditation?breathing?
fucking? talking? walking? organizing? farting? gardening? singing? loving?


This is not just another legalize it song
Track Name: The Ballad of Catfish Fisticuffs
Chino's amazing & improvised blues vocals came out as he sat outside the tour bus with Jorge on guitar. The night before he had to whoop the ever-loving shit out of a couple of guys who gave him a hard time. He sings of the encounter in The Battle of Ybor (Pronounced Y-bore) City, also known as The Ballad Of Catfish Fisticuffed. Fortunately someone had a phone on record mode at just the right time.