Ten Strong Superpunk Skarantella Reggae Rumba Fury


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    Sent to you in a lovely 6-panel digipack with homegrown artwork from our accordionist Gabriel Reyes and tumultuous photography by our man behind the lens Raul Ospina. Released November 3, 2012

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Visit our website store for cheaper prices, bundle savings & FREE SHIPPING on every order www.askultura.com/shop


released November 3, 2012

Words by Chisena. Except, Songo (J.Rodriguez, Oscar Rodriguez), Gutterqueen (Pierre, Humberto Cabrera), Baby Dub (MacElroy), The Science of Sweet Snatch (Pierre, Chisena), Il Pizzico Pasticciato dei Pagliacci (Chisena, Reyes)

Music by Chisena & Askultura. Except, Songo (J.Rodriguez, Bernard), Gutterqueen (Bernard), Baby Dub (Bernard, Gato), The Science of Sweet Snatch (Bernard, Chisena)

Guests: David Hillyard - on The Science of Sweet Snatch, Saxophone • Dany Illas Landrian - on Songo, Bata drums & voice (Iya; Itotele; Okonkolo) • Marcos Caraballo - on Hometown Hope, Gong
ASCAP 2012 Askultura, all rights reserved www.askultura.com

Recorded & engineered in Miami, FL by Marcos Caraballo & Adam Ruffes with APL Studios www.aplstudios.com • Produced by Caraballo, Ruffes, & Askultura • Whipman: Chisena; Snakecharmers: Bernard, Colorado, Reyes • All songs mixed by APL Studios except The Science of Sweet Snatch mixed by King Django at Version City • Mastered by King Django at Version City, New Brunswick, NJ www.versioncity.com
Art & layout: Gabriel Reyes www.gabethegraphicartist.com
Band photography: Raul Ospina Photography www.ospinaphotography.com



all rights reserved
Track Name: Songo
Askultura e
pa gozar
Askultura e
pa fumar
Askultura e
Askultura e
Ven pa'ca
Ven pa'ca
Ven pa'ca ya
Askultura e
Pa gozar
What we're bout is fun
And smoking some
So prepare to see
We'll cause a mess
And you'll undress
Bawala wile
Moyumba ye
Aye umo mi
Moyumba o
Askultura e
pa gozar
Askultura e
pa fumar
Askultura e
Askultura e
Ven pa'ca
Ven pa'ca
Ven pa'ca ya
Askultura e
Pa gozar
Track Name: Voce Invernale Intorni ai Pini
Dando vuelta por el suelo, todo el mundo juega con el sol
Mentiras y palabras, verdaderos unidos
Track Name: Winter Skirt Knee
Ho fatto una mossa per la porta mi sono trovato nei boschi antichi
Che razza di energia potente in torno al corpo attorciglio
Girando una donna donna donna, voce gonna gonna gonna con chi parlo, Che mi mostro, quel che le be e quel che succe
Ed io capivo n'ei spari di secondi tutte le cose dei tutti mondi and all my worries fell away

Cadevano come soldati in guerra sul l'ultimi fili della frontera and I was left allayed to the simple life of a blue winter skirt on a chunky winter day

Saatvas of the world giramundo, you've seen yourselves in the eyes of venomous hatreds only you can interiorly anti-oxidize
We must give heart fire to these

What's goin on What did she say We don't know We told you so
Open your eyes Lose your mind Will lead us to An instinct through

Question authority Question reality Question society The fundamental delusion has you as you Incredible illusion says me is me
Track Name: Fuck The Public
Fuck the public what they don't knoW
We're not responsible for their loss if they don't see it so
Meet at the Bohemian Grove to talk about Ways to move the public out

Move em out move da public out
Move em out today if they don't think what ya say
Think it's not possible just wait and see what we can do over the next century

The NAU and NAFTA trade deal squeal
Wall Street will bitch and the Fed will appeal
Toxic heights & Rockefeller eugenics
Ya pick a pig a pack of wolves to be your next president
We don't care what the public say
We're here to ensure what they don't think today
Blast em with the next bitch from Hollywood
These are false-flag ops like 9/11 and Northwoods

Fuck the public if they can't see
That we're trying to make the world a safer place
Think of the peace that will prevail on earth
When us rich motherfuckers run it and no one else
Track Name: Ou Facc' de Mammet
Ou facc' de mammet quando me vi fu spaventa
A dio le gridd Che razz di ragazz che me regalazz che razz di ragazz
Fa diventa pazz vuol solo la past a pomodor
Ma j'le ador
Sto tiip de guaglio con su bel teston con du bel coglio sto tiip de guaglio
La man de mi paddj quando me vi spuglia le suor della chies
Vien fulminant me fa diventa
Sempre più ross e sempre più gros
Sempre più grosso sempre più ros-so
Track Name: Il Pizzico Pasticciato dei Pagliacci
I was sent to dance a healing round down in Messina
By Uncle doctor Ciuro who call me no Chisena
Him say to rescue cousin from dusty province town
And dance around the globe like two tarantella clowns
Bah Bah

Armageddon Shmarmageddon Ice age or acid rain
Not even death can kill me We'll be dancing in our grave
With Askultura Sepultura?! and the music that we made
We're two men on the train With the music that remains
In time of peace In time of war
If being chased by ghouls of Gwar
Whatever is this music for
For being chased by ghouls of war
Dark nights No rights No complacency in mission
Strong like nuclear fission
This is bandit clown transmission

Per tutto il mondo siam'andati spinning, girando
Tra birre in vetro we're looking, guardando
At pretty punk rock asses and haircuts of the misses
Who noted in our spirit that true life was not a missin
So in the dying throes of this civilization era
We went to accomplish what two men could never never
On foot and train and flight, thru forests of streetlights
We ate through the old ideas like guitar by termites

There were a 100000 parties to incite
Interior designers they went outside
As the leaders of the new world went in to hide
All weapons aside, suits are tie-dyed, pigs fly, and Pinochet is re-tried

Out come anarchists dreamers & ex-soldiers
Jungle creatures wish to see the cities of men smolder
And before the walls came a crumbling
We set a spark that had the whole world mumbling

But hushed tones are not enough for a lover For a clown
Who sings & dances atop of hierarchies now fallen down
The mania of taranta defeats the poisoned spider
So make your chosen weapon
Your heart on fire
Track Name: Domestic Insecurities
Domestic Insecurities lent to me by the federal they follow me into my waking sleep
Jailed and beaten by the shadows of the national they seem to speak of liberty but it just cannot be
Judges sitting in their chairs do their best to fill them up these are prisons of the mind and those of the concrete kind
It's not for me or you, it never has held true
To believe is to be fooled, that game is bend the truth
I see the red no white or blue, what's so true was taken from you
It's not for me & neither is it for you
Track Name: Situations of Deceit
Situations of deceit lipped on waves by the mouthpiece
It'll never cease is this a terminal kind of disease
Trapped inside a 9 to 5 or worse you're out on the streets
We've been declared illegals at once to be jailed
Down the road salvation calls carry me away my feet
My head says run & leave behind eso corazon

It's not for me or you, it never has held true
To believe is to be fooled, that game is bend the truth
I see the red no white or blue what's so true was taken from you
It's not for me & neither is it for you
Track Name: Baby Dub
ask Captain, baby!
Track Name: The Science of Sweet Snatch
Don't call me baby tonight don't call me baby tonight
Cause I don't care I'm gonna play it single tonight

All you plastic boys & you girls jumping up & down in this plastic world
And don't forget when you go up you comin down to Askutown

Strappin these heels on me feet I'm about to take my saunter down the street
I get rowdy drink some bacardi & I see you at the bar
You look so fine boy Oh dtf tonight
Track Name: Tribultura 2012 [Letter From Tribal Bunkers in ABQ, Pt. I]
Brother of mine
Time to cook up
This new medicine
You know what we must do
For our grand breakthrough 
As much as you do
I want to stay in bed
All day long with this bella on my arm
Singing the most revolutionary song
La canzione degli amanti 
But in lieu of heartless thieves
Who prefer the manufacture of deceit
To our beloved sheets and dimmed out moans
Questo grido gli mando

I know what I must do
To return the world to balance anew
I'm gonna run around
With that fun lovin rebel crowd
I'll fly the black flag
Of the international
Bring out tribu twenty twelve

The networks flicker with anticipation
As tornadoes throw cows across the nation
A hollywoodesque depiction
A twenty twelve end time fiction 
The bustling masses
Sitting on their asses
Will continue to vote as political assets
They might as well pull the levers in the gas chambers
They know no better anyway
No better anyhow 
So Miami to Londontown
On both sides of the Thames
Tokyo New York City Rome and Rio
And all points to the Four Winds

The questions I put out
Were quickly heard
The letters sent away
Right back they were returned
Upon all wars past and present
Our opinions are determ'ed
And like rock markers and conspiracy talkers
We will never be deterred
All sources confirm

Tribultura twenty twelve 
What you gonna haces
When you got the cases
And the stolen cargo from Madagascar
Tribultura twenty twelve

A letter from the tribes to the people
Track Name: Heads Up!
I'm talkin about the need for good people to act right about now
Ya heard of dem communities that been sneaking around my hometown
They're not afraid to call strangers sister & embrace the rejects as their brothers
Visionary reality of mutual aid respect and no authority
I want to know if anyone else thinks it might be worth living for
Go ahead & demonstrate beyond all illusions of a limitless world
You can see the antithesis clearly in recent attempts of pacification by force
None of us are gonna scrape the truth when we're making frantic efforts to fill out the mould

I got old friends running around with philosophies of help punkers & hobos on the run
I lost a few to office chairs but deep down I know they've got hearts of gold
In my hurry to fix what's around me I worried & I forgot to tend to myself and the vision got blurry
So I look up at the kids positive reinforcement nothing can get the Kids down

We're keeping our heads up we're keeping our heads up our heads up and we'll do it on our own
Cause in the end ya know you're better off than sittin around yelling "fuck da man"
Be a warrior my friend respect the power of the radical roots plan

We're keeping our heads up
We're keeping our heads up our heads up
& we'll do it on our own
Track Name: Legalies It [Not Just Another Legalize It Song]
I may not smoke da weed no chronic for me
I had to cut it out I would act & I would shout
But i gotta say it never bother me to see big spliff on someones lip
And what's the harm if they want to roll a blunt drink some beers get all crunk
Should they pack it in a bong never rubbed me wrong
This is not just another legalize it song

You know it was legal till they realized that ganja n shrooms can open your eyes
To the lies to the lies of the state of society of wall street
And if you trip hard enough or a smoke a pound to head you might call out for the governments death
Who needs politician to make the law to make things illegal put you behind bars
This is not a physical world these are energetic things
& those little green nuggets n caps of psyilocybin
Can slap you from the comfort of a police state introduce ideas that are much more great
Like anarchy or the way of the tribes, how to start a clan what it means to be a man
Read some Daniel Quinn after toking you might find yourself saying "fuck this im leaving"

Seriously what's the big deal it's just a bunch of plants
Ever seen a stoner get violent?
Actually he was mumbling all about love, all smokey could talk about was love
This ain't no endorsement more like "take a look at government" & how they control what you do especially if dem things will liberate you
So what's next on the list of illegal things?
Clean water meditation breathing fucking walking talking organizing farting gardening watching hearing
singing loving loving
Track Name: Hometown Hope
Say goodbye to the sex appeal your high rent & all dem dirty deals
We gonna run, we gonna stride up US-1, we're sorry to see us leave this fuckin town
Snorted all the coke & now it's done, the rockstars are dead, they're good & drowned
The crazed sic sic em, the cops bic bic em
But if it wasn't for us we would sang long ago
Something you know
Nothing borrowed

Never want to leave, take pride in a place, even if its not your own hometown
But with all the bullshit floating ahead ya couldn't spy a queer whale in Biscayne Bay
But there's hope

Punk rock's about building it up
How'd things get so fucked up
Ease the craze pace of footloose friend
But don't ever bend-don't ya ever bend
This is your world, your life, your kids, our wives
These lives are not for jail or sale
We're not under bounty
There's hope in Miami-Dade County

We apologize for all da words that have gone to waste
& all the shitty pizza that you've gotta taste
It's like Wonderbread with V8 sauce
& Artie and i been talking about being back in New York

But here there's hope, hometown hope, so we've been told, this we know Hometown hope, hometown hope, ya don't gotta cope, this you should know
There's hometown hope, hometown hope, goes with us all, it sits above all
This is hometown hope, hometown hope, so we've been told, and this we know

And if ya think you're not built to do the things ya know ya should
If a life of excuse masks potential the time is ripe for revolt
Not against an outboard system but the one that sits inside
Get free of the fat livin that's crossin up your wires
I'm not showin ya how it is it's not a map of where to go
The only thing I know is that
You & I are the only hometown hope