You Stank, We Skank


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Recorded in Miami, Fl 2011

No permission was given by the city of Miami for using the city logo on the album.


released July 9, 2010

Recorded & Mixed by Askultura & Dread Records
Album art by



all rights reserved
Track Name: Domestic Insecurities
Domestic insecurities, lent to me by the Federal
They follow me, into my waking sleep

Jailed and beaten by, the shadows of the Nacional
It seems to speak of Liberty, but it just cannot be

Judges sitting in their chairs, do their best to fill them up
Prisons of the mind, and those of the concrete kind

It's not for me or you, it never has held true
To believe is to be fooled, that game is bend the truth
I see the red, no white and blue, what's true was taken from you
It's not for me, and neither is it for you

Situations of deceit lipped on waves by the mouthpiece
It'll never cease, is this a terminal kind of disease?

Trapped inside a 9 to 5, or worse you're out on the street
We've been declared, illegals at once to be jailed

Down the street salvation calls, carry me away my feet
My head says run, and leave behind el corazon
Track Name: One Asshole At A Time (We're The Assholes)
Sittin around with my problems, I ain't doin a fuckin thing
I know if I took care of my shit, the world would be much better off
It's that point between thought and action where I lack that positive reaction
I say I'm ready to step it up, I made up my mind I'll do it tomorrow

I'm a fuckin asshole, I never do a goddamn thing on time
All kinds of people come up to me and start talking fuckin shit about deadlines
I say "Listen ya fuckin assholes, the only sure thing is that I'm gonna die
I've got a plenty rotten attitude and if you don't watch out I'm gonna spit in your eye—spit in yo eye"

I used to want to sleep all day, quit my job every Monday
Took my bullshit out on the system, pissed on a cop car and fucked up a coffee shop
Look at this scene so full shit, still sexist, racist, homophobes
Looks it ain't just me with the problem, come my friend and sing this song with me

I'm a fuckin asshole too, and if you want to have a lick I won't stop you
All one and the same is my theory, bore the shit out of you with my philosophy
An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, my ideas are of the stinky asshole kind
Goes take care of your shit on time, and the whole world will smell a little less…one asshole at a time
Track Name: Heads Up!
Talking about the need for good people to act right about now
Ya heard about these communities that been sneakin around my hometown
They're not afraid to call strangers sisters and embrace the rejects as their brothers
A visionary reality of mutual aid, respect, and no authority

I wanna know if anyone else thinks it might be worth living for
Go ahead and demonstrate beyond all illusions of a limitless world
You can see the antithesis clearly in recent attempts of pacification by force
None of us gonna scrape the truth when we're making frantic efforts to fill up the mold

I got old friends running around with philosophies of help—punkers and hobos on the run
Lost a few to office chairs but deep down I see that they still got hearts of gold
In my hurry to fix what's around me I worried & I forgot to tend to myself and my vision got blurry
So I look up at the kids, positive reinforcement, nothing can get the Kids down

We're keeping our heads up! We're keeping our heads up & we'll do it on our own
Cause in the end we're better off than just sitting around yellin "fuck the man"
Be a warrior my friend, respect the power of the radical roots plan
We're keeping our heads up! Heads up! Heads up! And we'll do it on our own…